tajagro_vine-tomato-plant Malawi, Nr Dedza, Khulungira village


Recent developments in Indian agricultural commodity markets have once more underlined the strong nexus between farm produce & rest of the national economy. As a matter of fact, commodity prices have also been raised internationally, based on exponential demand along with truant weather conditions. The situation has again brought to the forefront the intense need for rapid developments not just on the field, but also in the prevailing agro – infrastructure. The agro value chain needs to be re-examined and overhauled simply to enable streamlining of the agricultural industry in the country.

Brisk technological innovations have taken place in the agro industry throughout the globe which has been now commenced to include in India as well. The vast as well as the varied scope of the farm produce in India, coupled with the intricate supply chain structure, makes the country a very significant agro investment destination. Food & nutritional security are leading concerns, as a rural income. Firm emphasis is being laid on directing these technologies to the farmer as well as including the important elements of sustainability plus environment management into the very grain of agro development.

This growing agro business hub needs rapid and huge investments in channelizing its distribution mechanisms & logistics, providing support services like marketing & agro business consulting and providing tailor-made solutions to the entire system.