Hotel & Resorts

The company boards of directors and The foundations has passed the proposal for setting up hotels and resorts in some remarkable places in our country .the most proposed place are Lumding, Tripura, Siliguri,Darjeeling, Kalimpong, Digha, Bakhali, Sankarpur, Goa,  Mandar moni, Diamond Harbour and in the cities ,towns , capitals, of all states and in some lonely places shortly away from the noiseof thr towns to spend a few hours in the natural fresh air and green world. Manab Bandhan Group , is planned  to expand  their group with properties both in India and abroad.

With the addition of The Manab Bandhan Group, presently under the Manab Bandhan Group owns and/or operates 18 luxury hotels and 3 luxury cruisers in India, Sankarpur, Goa and. Other heavenly destinations’ are soonly to open in the upcoming years.