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Rubber Plant

Manab bandhan Group will invest in the Rubber Processing Plant as it is familiar as an evergreen tree of the fig family, which has large dark green shiny leaves and is widely cultivated as a houseplant. Native to SE Asia, it was formerly grown as a source of rubber.Which is based on the expert market data and the analytics that are deprived from the primary and secondary research reports.

 “rubber plant” and “rubber tree” are generically used to produce latex, a gummy sap which can be turned into rubber. Until the development of synthetic rubber, tapping of rubber trees in South America was the only way to obtain this incredibly useful material, and around 40% of the world’s rubber continues to come from natural sources.the company is on its way to curve niche in the processing industry by investing a lumpsum amount in acquiring or a running rubber plant. The plant is spread over 50 bighasof land . all the products are eco-friendly and cost effective ensuiring Manab Bandhan commitment to the environmental concern.