Tea Plantation & Processing

Manab Badhan Group has planned to to purchase a few acre of land of Tea garden in the North and North east of the Himalayan region for producing the high quality of orthodox Tea which has the excessive and Instant demand in the foreign countries like The USA, The UK, Germany, Japan, SaudiArabia, Italy, Canada, and China.

The tea Process of Darjeeling  is the most famous production all over the world and our speciality will add new dimension in the world of aristocracy of Tea with a fabulous flavours and the blending of color and conventional Tea will reat a genral bug market in our country and foreign countries as well. Besides Tea production we will setup new records under the shadow trees of the garden valley of our tree garden shadow tree will also produce a huge benefits and huge amount of money after 20-30 years. Thus one project will be a multi purpose advantageous and beneficial project showing unit of our company with tea, hotel and woods grown from the shadow trees.